Oakley Allotment Society


Interested in renting an allotment plot?


You do not need to be an experienced horticulturist to have an allotment.


It requires regular effort throughout the first year and some time and dedication is required to maintain your plot, but cultivating an allotment can be a very rewarding activity.


The society has a number of plots that are currently available.

Some plots may be in an uncultivated state if they haven’t been worked for a few years, however, from time to time it is possible to obtain a plot that has recently been vacated and has just got a bit out of hand.


The plots are approximately 250 square metres in area, though it is possible to rent half a plot if you think this area it too large for you to manage alone.It is also possible to share a plot with a friend or two which makes the going a little easier and more social as well.  You will also find that other plot holders are only too happy to offer advice and encouragement to help get you started, we’re a friendly bunch.


There is a water trough on site for use by the plot holders. The society pays for the water that is used.


The price for a full allotment plot is currently £15 for the calendar year and £7.50 for a half plot.


If you would like more information or would like to take up the challenge of growing your own produce please contact the society’s Treasurer – John Creese on 01844 237276


The following items are from our tenancy agreement with Oakley Relief in Need Charity and form part of our rules.

 1.        Plots shall be kept in a reasonable state of cultivation.

 2.        Pathways shall be kept tidy and trimmed.

 3.        No buildings or structures more than 1.2 metres high are allowed. Bean or fruit supports are not classed as structured.

 4.        No nuisance or annoyance shall be caused to the occupiers of any adjacent land or buildings.

 5.        No animals shall be kept or let loose on the allotment site. Any animals taken on the site must be kept under control at all times.

 6.        No fruit trees or other trees shall be planted on the site.

 The following rules are to keep the site tidy and encourage good practice.

 7.        NO waste may be deposited ANYWHERE on the site apart from your plot.

 8.        The term “waste” as referred to in 7. is defined as green waste that can be composted and woody waste that can be burnt.

 It may be waste that has been generated on your plot or bought from your home only.

 9.        All green waste to be composted on your plot. Compost bins up to 1.2 metres high are allowed to facilitate this. Bins are to be kept away from the line of sight to the gate to avoid attracting unwanted attention to the site.

 10.    Woody waste may be burnt on your plot.

 11.    Bonfires must be attended at all times. Wind direction must be checked and fires are not to be started if there is any possibility of causing a nuisance to nearby houses or obstructing vision on the adjacent roads.


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Please be advised that Ann Welch will not be standing for re-election as Secretary and I will not be standing for re-election as Chairperson so please consider yourself for these positions.


Please let me know if there are any other items you would like added to the Agenda.




On behalf of the Committee


Jo Rogers